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Frontpage 2000:
Frontpage is a Microsoft page creation tool that requires special server extensions to function properly. Many of our accounts come with the Frontpage extensions.

Detailed Web Statistics:
Each morning you'll receive an 8 page analysis of your web site's visitors.

Access to raw logs:
If you prefer to use your own statistic analyis program, access to your raw logs is very important.

Anonymous FTP:
Anonymous FTP allows visitors to your site to download files via ftp without a password. It is disabled by default.

Mailing Lists:
Mailing lists allow you to send email to a large number of contacts in a very efficient manner. You can manage the mailing list through the control panel.

Using your Mail Manager, you can protect yourself against most unwanted emails and spam.

Using your Mail Manager, you can turn on Quaranteen to assist you with virus protection.

Password Protected Pages:
You can use the control panel to specify which users are allowed to access certain pages on your site. When visitors click on a certain URL, they are requested to enter a username and password which you manage through the control panel.

Control panel imageControl Panel:
The control panel gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account in order to make the best use of your options. By the click of a mouse, you can administer your webspace, your email accounts, your directories, your cgi-bin, and all the special features that we offer you, such as site statistics and shopping carts. You can even add additional features to your account right when you need them. With this extraordinary tool you do not only gain control, but also the flexibility to make changes within your time frame and according to your particular needs. Click here for a full screen image.

Ability to Park Domains:
You can have more than one domain name resolving at the same IP number and content holding site. For example, you can park yourname.net to yourname.com.

Personal Nameserver:
With your own personal nameserver you have complete management of your domain. Your whois interNIC record will appear with ns.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com and you can add your own custom configurations to your nameserver using the control panel.

Site Creation Tool:
With our powerful, user friendly Web Site Creation Tool, you can quickly build and maintain your own Web Site! This unique, intuitive tool comes with every ExcellentSite.com account. Using the Design Wizard, you can build your own professional-looking Web Site, http://yoursitename.com, in minutes. Whether your site is a business e-commerce site or a home hobby site the site creation tool will give you the functionality to design and maintain your web presence all from within your browser.

Then using the Site, Page and Field Editors, you detail your Site to perfection. Web Site design has never been easier! Our browser-based design tools let you customize all aspects of your Web Site, without requiring a knowledge of HTML programming. You choose images and animations, backgrounds and colors, lines and bullets, font styles and sizes with a click of your mouse button. Type in the text, links, and graphics you want and we put your Site together for you.

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