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State of the Art NOC:
At ExcellentSite.com we realize that down time is not an option for your server. We have invested heavily in hardware and facilities to ensure that your site will remain up and running on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ExcellentSite.com's web servers are custom-built industrial grade machines designed for a 24/7 web serving environment. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is equipped with raised flooring, fire prevention, standby machines, industry-leading Liebert uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and a temperature-controlled environment, all located in a secure, monitored facility.

Daily Backup:
Your account is backed up daily to assure your data is restored quickly in the event of a drive failure.

24/7 Monitoring:
Your server is monitored internally and externally on all the standard ports. If the monitor cannot restart a failed port, a technician is notified and attends to the problem immediately.

Processor Type:
We always use the latest Intel processors in every machine. As a large ISP, we dialogue on a continual basis with Intel researchers as to which future products will best fit our needs.

Standby Server:
A hallmark of our service and one of the reasons for our fantastic uptime is our policy of having servers on standby. In the event of a server failure, there are always additional servers on standby. We swap the drive of the failed server to a new one, and do the diagnosis on the failed machine later.

Redundant Power Backup:
Two 50 kilowatt 480 Volt Liebert UPS's supply conditioned power to our main PDU (power distribution unit), which continually balances and monitors every aspect of the power supplied to the NOC, leaving little doubt we could ever be down due to a power failure.

Macromedia Shockwave allows you to bring your web content to life. Shockwave support allows your site to host Shockwave content.

Midi Files:
Midi is a great way to add sound to a web site without using lots of bandwidth. All the popular MIDI mime types are supported on our domain.

Real Audio:
We do not have a real audio/video server. However, we do support real audio/video streaming for no extra charge.

When Real Audio/Video first came out, it required an audio/video server to be installed on the web server. This was because Real Audio/Video wanted to charge for each "stream'" or visitor. But soon people started writing competitive audio/video streaming technology that didn't require a special server. So, to compete, Real Audio/Video now does not require a server, and you can even use their free tools to create streaming audio over the Internet.

Real Video:
We support Video streaming with the Real Video Mime type as explained above.

MIME Type Manager:
The ability to manage mime types gives you full control of which software programs will work with your site. Mime types are managed through the control panel.

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