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No website is an island. You have a website, but is it listed on any search engines? If not, no new customers can find your website. Only existing customers or potential customers who have corresponded with you will know about your website (if you include your web site in your correspondence).

Search engine submission is very easy and free. However, search engine optimization (getting your website listed first) can be tricky. Why? Because EVERYBODY wants their pages listed first. It’s also a challenge to figure out how your customers may search for your website.

Primarily, search engines consider page content and keywords to determine how to rank your website. The content is easy because your website should have a good description of your products and services. Keywords are hidden in the header of your web pages. These keywords should be considered when designing your website.

The main thing is to get your website submitted to search engines and then tweak the content and keywords as needed to improve your ranking.

Get your business noticed through search engines.

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