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There are many places on the Internet that provide free websites. You may have seen websites hosted by Geocities or other free website services. These free website services are fine for personal websites, but it’s certainly not the place to host a business or professional website.

Putting your business website on a free hosting service can cause many problems. Since they are free, these services have limited functionality and some functions may be forced on you. They typically don’t provide a way to use your own domain name nor do they provide email service. Therefore, you must use your personal email account for your business correspondence. These free hosting websites typically generate revenue by selling advertisements that display on the free websites. It would be rather embarrassing to have an ad for a competitor appear on your website. Search engines may also skip websites that are hosted on free services.

Since you can’t use your own domain name on these free website services, the web address for your website most likely will be some obscure name that is long and difficult for your customers to remember. Another source of free hosting services is your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most ISPs include a free website if you use their service for connecting to the Internet. Using this free website for your business forces you to use the ISPs domain name and you’re stuck with an obscure and long web address. Some businesses start out using the free website provided by their ISP and decide to use a real domain at a later date. Unfortunately, they’ve already printed letterhead, brochures, and business cards with their ISPs web address. They must discard this printed material with the old web address and tell customers about the new web address (domain name). Or, even worse, the business switches to a different ISP and uses their free website. If a business starts out with their own domain name on a professional hosting service, they will prevent a lot of confusion for their customers.

There is a heavy price to pay for using a free website service to host your website.

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