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If you have your own domain name, you obviously take your business and website seriously. However, are you also taking your email address seriously? Many small businesses wisely get their own domain name, however they mistakenly continue to use a “personal” email address (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, or their ISP) for business correspondence. Keep your personal email address for personal correspondence, but use a separate email address with your domain name for your business correspondence. The obvious email address to use for your business would include your domain name. So, if your domain name is mybusiness.com, you should use an email address like sales@mybusiness.com or info@mybusiness.com or even john@mybusiness.com

Using your domain name email address prevents having to change your email address if you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This allows you to easily separate personal email from business email. It also helps brand your domain name to your business making it easier for your customers to remember your domain name and appears much more professional and prestigious.

You own your domain name. Use it!

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