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We offer the leading features in the industry. They are explained in detail below. Not all of the virtual accounts we offer include the features explained below. For the breakdown, look at our price table.

Setup includes all parts of establishing your domain name on our network. We register or transfer your domain with the Internic, setup your account on our server, and configure the control panel for your account.

Email Addresses:
Our email addresses are very flexible. You can set them up as POP boxes which store mail, email aliases which redirect mail to another box, or as autoresponders.

Disk Space (MB):
One MB of disk space can hold several hundred text pages or images. Many sites use less than one MB of disk space.

Data Transfer:
This is the amount of network traffic related to your domain. A large number of sites have less than 1000MB of traffic per month, but popular sites could use three or four times that.

True Domain Name:
Each of our web sites comes with its very own domain name that you decide. A true domain is when you get your very own unique IP address on the web server. Many hosts offer 'fake virtual' domain accounts, which means they fool most browsers into redirecting themselves to the correct directory on the server. This method only works with certain browsers, is not full featured and is not a professional solution.

Static IP Address:
Each account comes with a static IP address. A static IP address means the IP address (the number of your site) never changes. Some hosting companies use dynamic IP addressing, which means the IP number is different each and every time you connect to the server or they have several domains use 1 IP address. A static IP address provides your site with a never-changing solid address, which allows you to use it when FTPing files, or pinging your site, etc. A static IP allows you to have a true domain name.

Free Domain Registration:
We will send in your registration form to the Internic. The Internic has a separate fee for annual maintenance of your domain which they will bill you separately.

File Manager:
The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option. Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this feature.

Archive Manager:
The Archive Manager will allow the user to backup and compress their files. For example, if you have a number of files for which you wish to keep a backup, you can select all the files, then create a backup file that contains all of them in compressed format.

FTP is used to upload and download files. Almost all site design programs like Adobe Pagemill, Macromedia Dreamweaver, GoLive HotDog, Allaire HomeSite, CyberStudio, HotMetal Pro, Netscape Communicator and NetObjects Fusion use FTP to maintain your site.

Many users are not at all familiar with telnet and just as many do not need to use it. Telnet allows you to get a shell on our Linux servers. The implementation of telnet that we use is called SSH. To use telnet (SSH), we require the user to send us a fax with a copy of their photo ID requesting SSH. Users also need an RSA Key entered in the control panel in order to access it. We also require the user to use SSH software.

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